Metabolic Nurition MuscLean 5lbs

Metabolic Nutrition

Metabolic Nurition MuscLean 5lbs

Lean Muscle Gain 

MuscLean is a scientifically designed low sugar, protein-based lean muscle building. It is not a traditional high protein, rather is designed to target the muscle providing high impact nutrients to increase muscle strength and recovery. 

What's inside MuscLean?

The combined ingredients within MuscLean utilize a low-carb approach to provide energy, muscle-building, and general health properties through its use of its highly effective Protizyme protein blend along with key fatty acids and oils. Specific forms of fast absorbing, high efficacy proteins and fats stimulate muscle recovery and improve strength and size. Finally, key minerals, vitamins and electrolytes, have been added to help improve uptake, maintain hydration, and reduce muscle soreness post exercise. In all, MuscLean has taken all the aspects of traditional weight-gainer dilemmas, conquered them, and combined specific ingredients in to one powerful muscle building product.