GenXLabs Collagenfit, Pre-Post with FREE Active Legging (code: 20off)

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GenXLabs Collagenfit, Pre-Post with FREE Active Legging

GenXLabs CollagenFit 30 servings

Refreshing Zero Calories with 5250 mg Collagen Drink 
GenXLabs CollagenFit is vital in supporting healthy joints, youthful firm skin, lean muscles and athletic injury. 

CollagenFit contains all the optimum nutrients that have been associated with decreased body fat, increased lean muscle, tightening saggy, regeneration of cartilage and bone and youthful skin.

GenXLabs Pre-Post Workout 

All in One Pre and Post Training Formula 

Pre-Post is an extreme energy pre- and post workout. Designed to enhance nitric oxide synthesis, increase muscular strength and power. 

5 grams L-Glutamine 
3 grams Creatine Monohydrate 
1 gram Instantized B.C.A.A 
1.5 grams Beta Alanine 
500 mg L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAK) 
310 mg Energy

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GenXlabs Active Print Legging Muscles-R-Sexy

Custom Limited Edition 
Dare To Stand Out 
Polyester Lycra Fleece 

Three Tone Legging 

Designed for Athletes who demand the highest quality and want to look their best. Brighten up your training with Muscles-R-Sexy Active Print Leggings designed to keep you cool, dry and comfortable during all workouts.