GenXLabs Chrysin 750 60 caps


GenXLabs Chrysin 750

With Chrysin 750, you can now go all out, building as much muscle as you want without having to worry about dangerous side effects. Chrysin 750 contains a substance "superflavone" that occurs in nature, its main job is to blocks aromatase and inhibits aromatization conversion of testosterone into estrogen.  The higher the estrogen levels, the lower the amount of testosterone produced.

This is where Chrysin 750 comes in. Chrysin 750 helps reduce estrogen levels by cutting down on its conversion from testosterone. Less estrogen more testosterone. Chrysin 750 is great as a PCT before and during cycles. It also can be taken to support lean muscle gains and testosterone.  

Helps Blocks the conversion of Test to Estrogen.*
Helps Elevates Natural Test*
Helps Libido
Helps Decreases Body Fat

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