Betancourt Nutrition Test-HP 90 ct

Betancourt Nutrition

Betancourt Nutrition Test-HP 90 ct

Betancourt Test-HP works through multiple pathways to aid in the maintenance of testosterone levels and muscle mass using ingredients that have vitality increasing, anti-catabolic and stress hormone health properties. Testofen (a fenugreek extract that is standardized for Fenuside) is associated with boosting vigor and vitality in males as well as promoting maintenance in muscle mass.

Betancourt Test-HP also features ingredients like Rhodiola Rosea which is considered an adaptogen for aiding your body’s ability to cope with stress and related stress hormones (like cortisol). Ingredients in Test-HP have also been associated with healthy estrogen levels as well. Estrogen is typically associated with poor performance and excess body fat. 

Promotes probolic activity
Promotes an increase in free testosterone
Supports creatine uptake by muscle cells
Supports a reduction in body fat
Maintenance in muscle size
Promotes male vitality, performance, and energy

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