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Clean Machine Cell Block 

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  • Increase Free Test
  • Block Estrogen Block DHT
  • Reduce Cortisol

Addressing ALL 5 Phases of the Anabolic Pathway

Most people understand the link between test and muscle growth, but the pathway to muscle growth is not a straight line. In fact, the test has a very complex array of alternate routes that can lead to dead ends… or results you really don’t want.

So to understand what makes Cell Block 80 such a breakthrough product we’ll need to follow the anabolic pathway all the way through. Cell Block 80™ addresses all 5 of the major areas where test (T) can be limited or even completely stopped from hitting the target – causing muscle growth. It’s not about how much T you have, it’s how much Free T reaches the finish line – the androgen receptor sites in the muscle. It is a long path with lots of detours and roadblocks, but Cell Block 80 is designed to help your T reach its goal of triggering muscle growth.